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"Gone to the Swamp" by Robert Leslie Smith.

Northeast of Mobile lies the vast swampy convergence of the Mobile and Tensaw Rivers, a delta rich in fish, game animals, hard and softwood resources, and the beauty and solitude of the wild.  This fascinating and instructive book is the account of the skills needed by early settlers to survive in an area where most people would be lost or helpless.  

 To make a living here, one had to be capable, confident, clever and inventive, know a lot about survival, be able to fashion and repair tools, navigate a boat, fell a tree, treat a snakebite, make a meal from whatever was handy without asking too many questions about it, and get along with folks.

This work that is both instructive and warm-hearted and preserves so much hard-won knowledge.  The book is a softcover edition of 273 pages packed with over 100 photographs.

About the Author
Robert Leslie Smith is descended from loggers, hunters, fishermen, and entrepreneurs.  Now retired, he still lives near the swamp at the head of Mobile Bay, where the Mobile and Tensaw Rivers join.  He served as a Naval Officer in WW-II, and then returned to his teaching profession, nurturing students at Foley High School and finally moving up to Superintendent of Baldwin County, Alabama Schools.

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