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William Weatherford

His Country and His People


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William Weatherford His Country and His People

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Welcome to the Weatherford Book Website, offering the second printing of "William Weatherford: His Country and His People" by Lynn Hastie; an unusual documented historical novel on William Weatherford; the Creek Indians; and the Creek Indian War.

This carefully researched book contains 1128 pages including some 50 or more photographs (many never published before), maps, diagrams, illustrations, wills, letters, and other documents; a bibliography containing over 300 references; several thousand endnotes and anecdotes; an excellent index, and has an appendix containing over 150 pages of documented genealogy on Weatherford family history, from the first Sehoy, Princess of the Wind Clan, to the 1950's.

The book covers the history of the Creek Indians from their entry into Alabama, through the Indian Removal Act, and their journey on the Trail of Tears and explains the events that led the Creek Indians to rise up against the early settlers of Alabama, resulting in the Creek Indian War, including Tecumseh's visit to the native American tribes of Alabama. The author goes in depth to present a comparison of the two major adversaries of the Creek Indian War: William Weatherford and Andrew Jackson. All battles are described in chronological order from the Battle of Burnt Corn, Horseshoe Bend, and Holy Ground.

The Introduction to this book is available in Microsoft Reader and Adobe Acrobat formats.

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